New publications in hepatoblastoma field. Please check out two links below for new publications from Dr Christophe François Grosset team:

new and important!
Dear colleagues,
We have updated the SIOPEL statutes to reflect the widening global participation into SIOPEL activities (linked below). I would encourage everyone to become members!

Membership has 2 categories. Members working in Europe are invited to become Full Members of the organisation.
This reflects the status that SIOPEL remains the “professional voice” for paediatric liver tumour activities within Europe. Other non-European regions have their own professional bodies e.g. COG, JPLT etc. to which they have responsibility to. Non-European Members (and European Members if they wish) can apply for Associate Membership.
In order for us to proceed I need to establish a formal membership list.
Dr. Bruce Morland,

Papers Recently Published

We proudly announce that important papers under the frame of the CHIC initiative have been published:

a. López-Terrada D et al. Towards an international pediatric liver tumor consensus classification: proceedings of the Los Angeles COG liver tumors symposium.Mod Pathol. 2014 Mar;27(3):472-91

b. Czauderna P et al. Hepatoblastoma state of the art: pathology, genetics, risk stratification, and chemotherapy.Curr Opin Pediatr. 2014 Feb;26(1):19-28

c. Meyers RL et al. Hepatoblastoma state of the art: pre-treatment extent of disease, surgical resection guidelines and the role of liver transplantation.Curr Opin Pediatr. 2014 Feb;26(1):29-36



Elizabeth Shafford

Born on: 15/04/1950

Died on: 19/02/2014 , 63 years old

In our hearts your memory lingers sweetly, tender, fond and true.

View the tribute to Liz Shafford HERE



The Independent Data Monitoring Committee of the SIOPEL6 trial concludes that the current efficacy results of chemotherapy do not raise any concerns as to a potential impairment of the efficacy of cisplatin through the addition of STS and it recommends the continuation of the trial according to protocol.

One will find detail LINK

E-learning Hepatoblastoma session

We would like to inform you proudly about the next E-learning Hepatoblastoma session (E-LEARNING section), recorded in Bologna in November 2012 and published in the SIOPEL site. It deals with such important issues as: assessment of liver tumor resectability, selection of hepatic resection vs. transplantation, miscroscopic residue and cases discussion. Please feel free to view it after logging in.

New SIOPEL publication

We are glad to inform that our paper "Relapses in hepatoblastoma patients: Clinical characteristics and outcome – Experience of the International Childhood Liver Tumour Strategy Group (SIOPEL)" has been accepted for publication on EJC. It is available here.

New video materials

We would like to invite you to visit e-learning section, where new video materials from the e-learning session recorded during the Gdansk 2012 SIOPEL symposium have been posted.

New release

View the new releases in the E-learning section (Pathology presentations). They include two lectures prepared by Milton J. Finegold.

Hepatoblastoma GWAS study

Dear Colleagues,

Please read an enclosed letter of professor Logan Spector and if you are interested in participating in his hepatoblastoma GWAS study, reply directly to him.


Prof. Piotr Czauderna,

Past SIOPEL Chair

New chairman of the SIOPEL group

We would like to inform all of you that a new chairman of the SIOPEL group has been elected who is dr. Bruce Morland, pediatric oncologist from Birmingham, UK.

The newest SIOPEL publication

We would like to inform that the newest SIOPEL paper by Rudolf Maibach was just published in the European Journal of Cancer.

New SIOPEL publication

We would like to inform that new paper by Rachel Purcell was just published in the European Journal of Cancer.


We proudly inform that SIOPEL6 grant has received an extension award for the period of next 2 years as of September 2011.

SIOP award

Our SIOPEL metastatic paper prepared by dr. Michela Casanova from Milan, Italy and presented by dr. Penelope Brock from UK has got the best clinical research paper price during the recent SIOP congress in Auckland, New Zealand. Actually this occurred for the second time in a row since during previous SIOP congress the prognostic paper by Rudolf Maibach has received the best clinical research award.

The next SIOP President

We would like to let know all of you that former SIOPEL group chairman dr. Giorgio Perilongo from Padova, Italy has been elected in the next SIOP president - sincere congratulations on behalf of all of us!

Upcoming meeting

The next SIOPEL group spring meeting (Intergroup Pediatric Liver Tumors Consensus Conference) will take place in Gdansk, Poland, from April 30th to May 1st 2012 (Monday and Tuesday). Details will follow soon.

New SIOPEL trial

We would like to inform you that SIOPEL Council has elected dr. Bruce Morland from Birmingham, UK a leader of the task force designated to develop a new multi-arm hepatoblastoma protocol which is supposed to be launched in 2013/14.

Auckland (New Zealand) Meeting, October 30th, 2011, Sunday, 2-4 pm

SIOPEL meets Asia and Pacific during SIOP Annual Congress 

Drug safety update - Dexrazoxane - attached with the newest SIOPEL bulletin

Please ensure this important information is circulated to everyone working with SIOPEL 6 patients within your centres.