General Information

CHIC PROJECT (Children’s Hepatic tumors International Collaboration)

The purpose of Children’s Hepatic tumors International Collaboration (CHIC) is the creation of an international hepatic tumors database that will allow the identification of prognostic factors that are independent of the initial therapeutic approach and the development of a common “risk stratification system”, as well as common chemotherapy response criteria that can be used internationally for the development of therapeutic trials and sharing of knowledge. It will also allow for analysis of various treatment approaches in different patients risk groups that can serve as a model for selection of optimal future therapeutic strategies.


Each group (COG – Children's Oncology Group, SIOPEL, GPOH – Gesellschaft für Pädiatrische Onkologie und Hämatologieand JPLT – JapaneseStudy for Pediatric Liver Tumors) will contribute data from their individual study databases.  Clinical trials of newly diagnosed patients with malignant liver tumors whose first enrollment occurred on or after January 1 1985 and whose data is considered ‘released’ for publication according to the standard procedures for the particular group will be considered reportable for the purposes of this database.



CHIC Pathology Project Progress Report

Here you will find a brief summary of the pathology review progress.

As of today, here are the total numbers of cases for all studies, scanned images available, and number of reviews for most cases:


                                                CASES                   IMAGES AVAILABLE                 REVIEWS

HB 89                                   72                                          33                                           0

HB94                                      0                                          -                                              -

HB 99                                  141                                         52                                            0

INT0098                                  0                                         -                                              -

JPLT 1                                  106                                         0                                             -

JPLT 2                                  298                                         180                                         1(some)

P9645                                  277                                         157                                         2/3

SIOPEL 2                              135                                         -                                             -

SIOPEL 3                              406                                         -                                             -


There are approximately 422 cases available for review plus additional 265 cases from the SIOPEL studies, already scanned, which will be added to the CHIC database soon.

That makes a total of 687 cases to review.

The CHIC International Pathology Review Committee is aiming for the first 100 cases to be reviewed by the time of its meeting in Boston in March, so that an initial report can be provided during the SIOPEL Spring meeting in Oslo. The review will initially focus mainly on cases from patients 8 years or older and with low AFP selected.